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Grid view to Switch Accounts Screen

If you have a LOT of accounts for different pods and Orgs, when you go to switch accounts screen you are presented with a long list.

A better user experience would be if these could be presented in a Grid view with the following data points displayed:

Pod #

Org Name:

User Name:

Then have a either a Check box or perhaps make the entry a tile button for selection and then the user can click on select

  • Elwyn Evans
  • Apr 2 2020
  • Future consideration
How will this idea be used?

Presently a long list is displayed if you have a lot of user accounts.

a better user experience would be if each entry was a selectable tile instead and presented in a grid view format.

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  • MH Nguyen commented
    2 Apr, 2020 12:13pm

    Voted for this good idea.

  • Cathy Cruwys commented
    2 Apr, 2020 10:19am

    I agree, this type of view would be easier to navigate.