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Edit a scheduled mailing without having to cancelling it

Currently: after scheduling a mailing, if you want to adjust the time you scheduled it to go out, you have to cancel the mailing and start over with the scheduling process.

Proposal: allow an option to edit a scheduled mailing (time, add a suppression & recalculate, tweak subject line, etc.) without having to cancel it and reschedule.

  • dlamorte dlamorte
  • Feb 26 2020
  • Future consideration
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  • Patrick Tuttle commented
    28 Jul, 2022 10:02pm

    +throttle rate adjustments along with everything else listed.

  • Kirill Yerofeyev commented
    24 Feb, 2022 09:06pm

    Yeah do that pls

  • Karen Buxton commented
    28 Jul, 2021 03:32am

    This is basic UX improvement and something that impacts users every day. If something that has over a couple of hundred votes posted over a year ago (and on previous iterations of the community) cant get implemented, to be frank it seems that feedback is not taken onboard. Can we please get an update?

  • Leslie Sanchez commented
    4 Aug, 2020 04:53pm

    It's necessary.

  • David Dewese commented
    19 May, 2020 08:11pm

    yes, please!

  • Guest commented
    30 Mar, 2020 04:50pm

    This is very much needed by our Fordham team. Please expedite and can I be emailed with the ETA? Thanks Magda Capurso

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