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Relational Table Interface Revamp

I think everyone who uses relational tables know what I'm talking about when I say that we need a revamp to allow more functionality via the UI. Here are some of the updates I'd love to see that will make this relational tables easier to use:

* Add additional fields via the UI without having to do a new data import
* Rename fields
* Delete fields (if unused)
* Easier export of relational table data (without using the API)
* Value reports for relational table fields
* Manually add contacts to the relational table
* Auto-incrementing unique identifiers
* Folders to organize relational table queries.

Would love to hear additional commentary from users about other features that could be added to relational tables to improve their usage.

  • Michael Hobley
  • Feb 26 2020
  • Future consideration
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    20 Feb 12:06am

    Another improvement would be to be able to access reational table fields from mobile content templates used in inbox notifications.

    Currently, this is only possible from the message drafts.

    20 Feb 12:03am

    I'd love to have the possibility of purge relational tables automatically after a certain period of time or after reaching a certain size.

    Using the record replacement option doesn't fit all our use cases.

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