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Org admin should be able to delete folders no matter who created them

In our org, we have folders that were created by users that no longer work for us, and we have no way of reorganizing our folder structure because not even an admin can delete a folder created by someone else

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  • Feb 26 2020
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  • Bret Kempler commented
    3 Jun, 2020 06:17pm

    typical workaround is to rename the folder to something usable. It's either that or do the become user game of become each user until you "are the ower". Support can tell you who the owner is...

  • Diane Bowman commented
    3 Jun, 2020 06:12pm

    Just a note to say that within Data, Org Admins are allowed to delete folders, even if they are not the Owner. I assume the behavior described here is specific to mailing/campaign folders only. Seems reasonable we would make the behaviors consistent.- Thank you!

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