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Add the Scroll rate on the attention map report.

Currently, we cannot see the scroll rate on the attention maps.

Many website administrators want to see the scroll rate, and sometimes get it at advanced events.

In many cases, it is best to be able to see the scroll rate on attention maps instead of a bar chart.

Also, this is a common feature in competing products.

I think Tealeaf already has the data to realize this.

Could you please add a feature that to see in the attention maps?

  • Natsuki Kano
  • Apr 2 2021
How will this idea be used?

- Site administrators can visually check the scroll rate on the attention map.

- Eliminates the need to create Advanced Events, improving usability.

- Users used other tools can get the same data with Tealeaf without any inconvenience.

What is your industry? Education
What is the idea priority? High